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Baltimore Vegan Events & Vegan Drinks

What is Baltimore Vegan Drinks? Baltimore Vegan Drinks is a happy hour for vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious. There’s no cover charge, and there are 100%-vegan snacks, entrees and more.  And of course there are awesome vegan drinks!  Our group is part of a national Vegan Drinks outfit with events in dozens of cities. Vegan Drinks’ mission is to bring together diverse people to build new friendships and promote the sharing of resources.

Who attends the events? Show up and introduce yourself! Everyone is welcome. Vegans, vegetarians and the veg-curious all attend Baltimore Vegan Drinks. Vegan drinkers come in all ages and ethnicities, and from all over the Baltimore and D.C area. You do not have to drink alcohol to enjoy our events, many of our guests come just for the tasty food and great company! There are options for everyone and many of our locations are family-friendly.

Who operates Baltimore Vegan Drinks? The Baltimore chapter of Vegan Drinks was started by a fella named Paul in 2009. Paul ran the show for several years, then moved to California. The trio of Susie, Teresa and Ian took over for him, and then more recently, the events have been picked up by the team of Rissa, Nicole, Kat and Nathaniel. Our first event was in December 2012. We have some great volunteers, too, like Anna, Briana and Jess. Wanna help out? The events are lots of work to create and we’re happy for volunteers!

When and where does Baltimore Vegan Drinks happen? The events move monthly to different locations in and around Baltimore. Basically, a vegan-friendly restaurant hosts our group and offers a delectable veggie menu for the night with a drink special. Preivew photos of the menu are posted in advance, as well as our incredible doorprizes!

Aren’t all alcoholic drinks vegan? Definitely not! Many beers, wines, hard ciders and liquors use a variety of animal products in their processing. The main culprits are isinglass (dried fish bladders), gelatin (from boiled cow’s or pig’s hooves and sinews), egg whites, chitin (from lobster and/or crab shells), casein (a protein from milk), and bull’s blood.  They’re used in a process called fining – when unwanted leftovers, like solid particles (such as grape skins or stems in wine, for example) and degenerated yeast cells, are removed from the brewing process. These elements settle on their own, but fining agents quicken the process and makes them easier to remove. This is done to end up with a better tasting and more presentable final product. In the U.S., alcoholic beverages are not required to list ingredients on labels, including fining agents.  Some companies have started to either skip the fining process (they feel fining removes too much flavor & complexity) or substitute the traditional agents with a natural clay called bentonite, or diatomaceous earth, which is sourced from fossilized algae.

Bull blood is currently illegal for use in France and the USA, however wines from other European or South American vineyards may still contain it.  Some specialty beers, liquors and meads also contain honey or milk/cream and even eggs (think egg nog!). Many colored liquors contain carmine, which is ground beetles. If you want to double check your drinks, use Barnivore.com or vegansommelier.com Also try VeganXpress or Green Vegan iPhone/iPad apps.